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Zenhomes is the one-stop-shop for private landlords and property managers. Our digital platform makes property & tenant management easy and smart.

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Manage your properties with ease

With its cutting-edge technology & intuitive tools, makes landlords’ everyday life easier. All basic features are available free of charge!


Efficient property management
Transparent property valuation
Intelligent Accounting
Easy Utility Cost Calculation
Cloud-based document storage
Monthly rental payment check
Real-estate-related products and services


How Zenhomes works

To all landlords who want to take their property management to the next level, Zenhomes offers a tailored solution with its software.

Our features help you to increase your investment’s efficiency and security by providing you with exclusive information and relevant services.

This is how it works:

All features at a glance

Track the value of your property, prepare modernizations, do structured accounting and manage your tenants – no problem at all with Zenhomes! What does this mean for you?
Less work. Full transparency. More ROI..

6 steps to successful property management


1. Create a property and tenant

2. Connect your bank account


3. Provide relevant documents & pictures


4. Track your performance


5. Book real-estate-related services


6. Manage your properties


Our pricing at a glance

Our basic account includes all basic features and is available free of charge – no matter how many properties you manage. Additionally, you can benefit from our products and services we provide on our platform to optimize your portfolio. Use our full-scale property management in just one-stop.

What our customers say about us

Thanks to Zenhomes I save a lot of time with the preparation of my utility bills - they only take a few minutes with the software. I also find the digital rental contracts particularly useful, which can be created automatically for each apartment.
Peter, 53, Dusseldorf
Since I manage a lot of apartments, Zenhomes helps me to keep track of my real estate - my rent payments, insurance and loans. What I find most practical is the new feature that allows you to send your housing exposés directly to Immobilienscout24!
Barbara, 48, Munich
Zenhomes has made my entry into property management massively easier. Thanks to the incoming rental check, I keep track of the rental payments and the monthly property valuation finally makes investments transparent.
Alex, 36, Stuttgart